Quality Toys for Imaginative play

Plasto has manufactured durable , high-quality, and attractive toys since 1954. Raw materials and methods have advanced, but certain classics keep reappearing both indoors and out.

In 1954, Olof Geelnard started making collectible toys for cereal packages. The selection grew quickly, and the international toy fair in Nuremberg generated lots of publicity and new orders.

With over 60 years’ experience, the company makes toys from food grade plasticin a factory on the sunny island of Åland. Health and safety are the most important features of Plasto toys, which endure rough use and last from generation to generation. Plasto toys do not play themselves, they invite children to be active and use their imagination. Instead of batter powered lights and sound, they offer simple functionality, which has stimulated children to play for decades.

The classic scooter continues to rumple rugs in many Finnish homes. In addtion to the scooter, the Nany Swing and Giant Tipper Truck have become standard items for famillies with children. Over one million trucks have left the factory to help childrenwith their sandbox excavations. In terms of vehicles sold, Plasto can playfully be considered Finland’s largest automobile factory.

The products are one hundred percent made in Finland and designed to endure all kinds of weather. Heat or cold will not break then, and the winter selection includes scow shovels and scoops. Plasto’s latest innovation is a more eco-friendly toy series with plastic made of sugar cane instead of oil. This renewable material is no less durable than the plastic of older models.

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